Saturday, 1 December 2012

Zomorros is an ass.

I like gold. It's shiny. It's also pretty easy to make in Guild Wars 2. However, today I noticed a revenue stream that was finally worth playing with. Usually, it's not worth it at all. Because Zomorros is an ass.

Yup, I got into upgrading materials in the mystic forge. For the paltry sum of 5 Philosopher's Stones, 50 Intricate Totems, 1 Elaborate Totem and 5 Piles of Crystalline Dust, I saw I could earn quite a profit.

So I did. About 15 times. And then Zomorros decided he wasn't my friend any more, and started only spitting out 5 Elaborate Totems a pop, which was just under what I needed to break even. So I'm no longer speaking to him, which may or may not be harsh since he just helped me to make about 15 gold in about 15 minutes. It could have been more if I'd been a bit less impatient with my listing prices.

For anyone looking into this, be warned - it's risky. Especially when upgrading from a tier 5 to tier 6 material. Again, because Zomorros is an ass. I only did it today because I was able to buy Intricate Totems for 1 silver 99 copper, and sell off the Elaborate Totems for over 31 silver each. And it was only worth it if Zomorros would give back at least 6 Elaborate Totems a pop. It's a gamble, but a low risk one for the margins involved today.

Thank you Zomorros. You're still an ass, but you did good today.

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